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Good experience with the Rental Cars. I hired a Hyundai Sonata 2 months ago everything was smooth and just ended the rental agreement.

Luxury Ride Car Rental Dubai helped us through out the period.

Thanks and Recommended


The site offers great deals and I got a great bargain for the weekend. I have been renting a car from them for almost 3 months now.

Good company with credibility and reviews. Always recommend when it comes to car hire.


I have been looking to rent a Rolls Royce Cullinan for a year and it was hard to find. However, their agent was helpful in finding it for me. The car was so new that it did not even have the registration plates when he shared the pictures with me.

I am glad that I found a good deal from a company that I can trust. You can see the pictures of the car which has a unique color which is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for helping me out Luxury Ride Car  Rental Dubai.


Rented a car which arrived on time as promised within 45 minutes after completion of documents. It was a brand new Rolls Royce Ghost which still smelled like a new car. Got a call from customer service about confirmation. I was in a hurry so dropped it off at the airport and they refunded the security amount within 14 days. Extremely happy with service. Would rent from them again.


It was a great experienced dealing with them was so easy, prices are worth cars are clean and new, no issue no problem for 3 months using, I got my deposit even there's no 15 days yet, not same with the other rent a car you need to wait 30 days to collect it they will keep on ignoring you once you need your guarantee deposit. keep it up and see you again


One of the best car rental in Dubai, best customer experience experienced so far which was available around the clock, they even upgraded the car without my request, very nice office as well and very easy accessible location near metro. Looking forward to rent car again in future.


What a crazy nice experience! I have rented a McLaren 650s Spider. The Service was excellent. They've brought the car to our hotel on time, the car was in a good condition as it should be and the payment was as well very easy. This car is such a beautiful machine! Most people want to drive a Lamborghini or a Ferrari but I prefer McLaren because they make faster and better track cars than Lambo and Ferrari.


It was quick and timely driven experience. Prompt and professional as well. I recommend taking these car rental services as truly it actually works as good as its name.

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